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Firearms Training for Couples

with Derek Hardister

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Priced per couple

Class Description

Couples Firearm Training is a course designed to build your foundation in becoming a responsibly armed couple.  This course will teach you the essentials:  

  • Understanding Firearms
  • The Four Universal Safety Rules
  • Shooting Fundamentals     
  • Stance     
  • Grip     
  • Sight Alignment     
  • Sight picture     
  • Trigger Control     
  • Breath Control and     
  • Follow Through 

Couples Firearm Training is all about sharing the basics along with the fun, the seriousness and importance of being a responsibly armed citizen and being able to work together as a team.  

It’s time to stop procrastinating and making excuses and just get started.  It’s time to take those first steps.  If you have a firearm already please bring it.  DO NOT bring any live ammunition to the class.

Training is conducted by recognized firearms instructors that have public firearms training backgrounds. The training is given in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Class has begun